O A ABIR AKASH, LAKSHMIPUR: A mahal is fishing by occupying the traditional Dakatia river of Lakshmipur. Although at the tip of the administration’s nose, the local administration is not flinching in this direction. Occupying the Dakatia River at noon, a mahal is building a fishing ground with a dam. Terrible images were seen on the spot. The Water Development Board Raipur and the Chandpur Executive Engineer under its control are not getting any benefit. The officials in charge are silent with a notice in a kind way.
Hajimara regulator of Dakshin Charbangshi union of Raipur Upazila is holding a river capture festival with a dam on Dakatia river 5 feet away from the switch gate.
Near the mouth of the river, 4 fish enclosures have been constructed by constructing embankments with soil covering about 1 km horizontally. The total area is about 10 acres. Each enclosure is about 5 feet high and about 2.5 acres in length. Banana trees have been planted around the enclosure. Work is underway to make a few more fish cages.
According to the complaint, the leaders and activists of the ruling party are forcibly occupying the land acquired by Paubo and constructing ponds, projects, fishing grounds, shops and jute. Paubo’s property is being forcibly occupied.
According to the complaint, Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan, son of Ayat Ullah Bhuiyan of Dalal Bazar Nandanpur village of Laxmipur Sadar Upazila, Rafiq Akhan of Charlaxmi village of Dakshin Charbangshi UP of Raipur Upazila, UP member Mohammad Ali Akhan, former UP member Khalek Akhan and Abbas Majhi were among the forcibly arrested. Paubo is constructing a pond / project with a dam on the acquired land in the middle river 4 feet away.
Talking to Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan on his mobile phone, he said, “I have leased two and a half acres of land from the district council for Tk 30,000 per year. It is not the property of any water development board. I have the documents. Can you show any documents? In response to such a question, he said, ‘Give me two days. I will come to your office. I will show you the documents. ‘ However, the accused Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan could not show any document despite various dramas.
According to the locals, the navigability of the river is being lost due to the construction of a dam on the river. On the other hand, the flow of water is being disrupted. Besides, it will be almost impossible to remove the water caused by the floods in the hinterland.
Meanwhile, the Water Development Board issued a notice to the accused Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan on December 26, 2020, signed by Raipur Power Branch-3 (Hajimara) Deputy Assistant Engineer Shakil Mahmud of Chandpur Authority. 3/2020/112. 3 days were fixed for the removal of the dam in the notice but the dam was not removed even after 12 days of the notice.
Raipur Power Branch-3 (Hajimara) Deputy Assistant Engineer Shakil Mahmud said, I have lodged a written complaint with Raipur Police Station. On the contrary, the accused Kamal Hossain Bhuiyan is harassing me with a lawyer’s notice. Or he has taken a lease from the district council.
Although attempts were made to speak to Raipur Upazila Executive Officer Sabreen Chowdhury on the phone more than once, it was not possible to speak.
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