Pakistan in catch 22 situation after China ‘insults Prophet Mohammad’

Pakistan in catch 22 situation after China ‘insults Prophet Mohammad’

By Matiar Chowdhury

Irked on allegations of “PBUH” printed on tiles, Pakistanis attacked Chinese tiles manufacturing company in Faisalabad and beat up Chinese workers

Chinese Company Faces Wrath in Pakistan over the Insult of Prophet Mohammed. A Chinese Tiles Manufacturing Factoring is mentioned going against the religious norms of the Pakistani People, the used of certain phrases are not accepted in the Islamic nation. Locals depend on the Factory workers, beating and injuring a lot.

Pakistanis attacked a Chinese tile manufacturing factory in Faisalabad over allegations of insulting Prophet Muhammad. A video of the same has now gone viral on social media.

In the video, one can see local Pakistanis had attacked one Chinese tile manufacturing company, Time Ceramics Limited, Faisalabad, Pakistan. The company was blamed for manufacturing tiles with PBUH written on them. The word PBUH is added after the name of Prophet Muhammad and stands for Peace Be Upon Him.

As per reports, the locals in Faisalabad barged into the factory and smashed the tiles into pieces. The Chinese engineers and workers were also beaten up badly.

Will Imran and co condemn?

Leaders like Imran Khan condemn France but what about China? Recently in April, 2021 Pak PM Imran Khan writes to leaders of Muslim nations and asks them to come together to counter the Islamophobia narrative in non-Muslim countries. Pakistan PM reiterates call for West to criminalise insulting of prophet (Read full story here

Soon after that #BoycottFrenchProducts was trending. It would be interesting to see what will happen now. #BoycottChineseProducts will trend? Further, this is not a first incident, in 2020 Chinese Channel insults Prophet (Watch full story here ) but Pakistan and whole Muslim world remain Silent. None of them condemn China, why? The double standards adopted by Pakistan is quite visible and obvious due to financial gains and to appease China. Pakistan already sold its state and economy to China but religion is not for sale. It’s high time that Pakistan should choose between Prophet Vs Profit.

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