Women-only club is offering more entertainment options and expanded facilities at a new location

Saudi club beefs up facilities at private women’s beach in Alkhobar

Saudi club beefs up facilities at private women’s beach in Alkhobar

Nada Hameed:

ALKHOBAR: The city of Alkhobar in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province, long known for its pristine waterfront and nearby beaches, has added to its summer attractions with the return of a private women’s beach club.

The first private women’s beach in the region was organized by 180 Beach Club in 2020. Now the club’s second season is offering more entertainment options and expanded facilities at a new location that will operate until Oct. 18.The beach club will add to Alkhobar’s appeal as an ideal place for swimming and ocean sports, especially during summer.

Expanded facilities at the 180 Beach Club include an indoor lounge area, beach swimming area with full privacy, food and beverage, dining, blue market, DJ, live shows and beach sports.COVID-19 precautionary measures will be maintained to ensure social distancing and sanitization.

May Algrainees and Dima Al-Zamil were behind the first women’s private beach in the Eastern Province.
Algrainees told Arab News that after private women’s beaches were opened in Jeddah, Eastern Province women were willing to travel there just to enjoy the full privacy on offer.“We took the initiative for the first private women’s beach event because we know exactly what it means to Eastern Province women to enjoy summer and beach activities in full privacy,” she said.

“We wanted to be among the first to implement the project, and we are so proud of the great success we witnessed in the first season, even though the number was limited due to COVID-19 cases.”
Algrainees said that the club’s new location in AlKhobar Al-Aziziyah offers up to 400 sunbeds over a 45,000-square-meter site to keep up with pandemic precautionary measures and ensure social distancing.The first season was held for only five days. “In the second season, there is more room and time for everyone to enjoy this summer opportunity, as the event will include all week days,” she said.

On public beaches, the dress code will be more conservative, but at private beaches, such as the 180 Beach Club, women will be able to adopt a more relaxed dress code.The beach restricts the use of phones, cameras are not allowed, and male access is limited to boys under seven to ensure full privacy for visitors.Ghadeer Omer, a kindergarten teacher who lives in AlKhobar, told Arab News that a seasonal private beach club in the city is “really tempting.”“I went to the first season and was mesmerized by the fine service and professional level of privacy,” she said. “It was a joyous experience to swim with my friends wearing swimwear without being worried about anything.”

The beach club is only 11 minutes’ drive from AlKhobar city, and offers “bohemian-style” decor, a variety of restaurants, food trucks, cafes, shops, and water sports, including kayaking, pedal-boarding and snorkeling.Beachside yoga, Zumba and Pilates sessions are supervised by experienced teachers.
“In case of emergency, we have a clinic for the beach that is part of Almoosa Specialist Hospital,” Algrainees said.The 180 Beach Club also offers spa services, including massage, pedicure and beach hairstyles, to complement the beach experience.Visitor Jawaher Shaheen, 17, said that she was attracted by the club’s “cool vibes.”“It is lovely here, the view, the DJ — it is like a beach paradise in the Caribbean with all these bohemian details. And, best of all, I have the chance to get tanned the way I want.”

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