The local Governor of Wau province of South Sudan lauds the humane services of Bangladesh peacekeepers

The local Governor of Wau province of South Sudan lauds the humane services of Bangladesh peacekeepers

Dhaka, 21 August 2021:

The local Governor of Wau along with the provincial Ministers met with the Foreign Minister Dr. A. K. Abdul Momen at the UNMISS compound in Wau province of South Sudan yesterday. The Governor highly acclaimed the role of the Bangladesh peacekeepers. The Governor lauded the humane services offered by Bangladesh peacekeepers in Wau and expressed their desire to establish cooperation between Wau province and Bangladesh in different areas like education, ICT and agriculture. The Governor suggested that more female personnel may be deployed in the Bangladesh contingent.

Foreign Minister visited the Bangladesh contingent (BANBATT 4) deployed in the Wau province of South Sudan. Deputy Force Commander of UNMISS and other Bangladesh high officials of UNMISS as well as Bangladesh non-resident Ambassador to South Sudan and Foreign Ministry officials were present.

Upon his arrival at the UNMISS compound, the Foreign Minister was presented with a guard of honour by a smart contingent of the Bangladesh Peacekeepers. The Bangladesh Contingent organized spectacular fits which were displayed by Bangladesh Peacekeeping members. Both male and female performers displayed their acrobatic and defensive skills.

Dr. Momen made an address to the Bangladesh Peacekeepers at the Bangladesh contingent. The Minister remarked that he felt proud of the commendable contributions of the Bangladesh Peacekeepers in the UN Peacekeeping Missions. He stated that the purpose of the visit was also to enhance the diplomatic relations and engagements with South Sudan. The Foreign Minister commented that the role of our Peacekeepers is helping in developing our relations with the receiving countries. He appreciates the performance of our Peacekeepers who are engaged in different welfare work apart from peacekeeping activities. Following his address, the BANBATT officials made a PowerPoint presentation on the activities of BANBATT in Wau.

During their presentation, the Bangladesh Peacekeepers informed the Foreign Minister that they are engaged in social development and welfare work in Wau like providing medicine and veterinary assistance to the local people of the Wau.

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