Those killed have died as a result of either gunshots or stampedes, Taliban and NATO officials said on Thursday.

Taliban urge people to leave Kabul airport after 12 people killed there since Sunday

Taliban urge people to leave Kabul airport after 12 people killed there since Sunday

The Taliban have urged people to leave Kabul airport after 12 people were killed there since Sunday.

They died in and around the airport either as a result of gunshots or a stampede, Taliban and NATO officials said.

Thousands are still trying to flee Afghanistan via the capital’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

But the Taliban have warned people to leave and go back to their homes, with an official saying: “We don’t want to hurt anyone at the airport.”

Scenes there have become increasingly desperate in recent days, with new footage showing a child being passed to a foreign soldier in the hope they might be able to escape.

Another clip, thought to have been filmed on Tuesday, captures shots being fired near large crowds and fighters kicking those trying to flee.

It comes amid reports of several people being killed in the eastern city of Asadabad for waving the Afghan national flag.

Thursday is Afghanistan Independence Day, with the Taliban claiming they are marking it by celebrating beating the “arrogant of power of the world”.

Fighters are reported to have fired shots at people for not waving the Taliban flag, but it is not clear whether they died as a result of gunfire or a stampede, witnesses say.

Protests have also broken out in Jalalabad and Paktia province, but no serious violence has been reported.

At the airport, foreign embassies have set up evacuation centres inside a compound, including the UK and US who have committed to airlifting thousands of their own nationals and eligible Afghans in the coming weeks.

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