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Kids coding studio launch is a welcome learning boost for Bournemouth’s budding coders

Kids coding studio launch is a welcome learning boost for Bournemouth’s budding coders

Agency News, London::

On Saturday 11th of September, Code Ninjas will open its doors to budding coders aged 5-14. The brand-new business – based in popular learning destination, the Science Zone, and launched by local STEM guru Neil Carrington – will teach children how to build robots, drones and even create games that can be uploaded to the app store.

A keen geologist, Neil decided to launch Code Ninjas to complement the existing experiences on offer at his centrally located science centre.

“Code Ninjas is the first coding hub of its kind in Bournemouth, so I can imagine there will be a real buzz from local parents and children alike once we launch next month. I’m a great believer in the value of digital literacy and have a real interest in supporting children in my own community to thrive academically.

“Children across Boscombe and the surrounding areas have so much potential, and I believe we can help them really progress their digital literacy in a safe environment. Unfortunately, children have missed so much in-person schooling over the course of the last year, so getting them back into learning in an enjoyable environment is perhaps more important than ever! Besides, computers are the way forward and for children to be competitive in future careers, they will need to know how to use them. We offer kids the chance to learn all of this whilst having a great time, which is our number one priority.”

As you can imagine, Code Ninjas like to do things a little differently. Students are called ninjas, the teachers are called Code Senseis, and the studio is called the dojo. Ninjas work through a colour-coded programme to earn wristbands – or belts – just like in martial arts. ‘Belt-up’ ceremonies mark a ninja’s graduation to the next level.

“Once the ninjas enter the dojo, they’ll be greeted by our fully trained Code Senseis, who will help get them ready for their session. Code Ninjas is a safe and supportive environment where children will develop not only their tech skills but their teamwork, individual thinking and communication skills. All things that will help them in later life,” explained Neil.

Ninjas can attend sessions up to twice a week at a time that is convenient for the whole family – so that doesn’t have to mean the same day and time every week. Coding camps run during school holidays where kids can attend from Monday to Friday, filling up activity schedules for busy parents. The studio is also open on weekends, allowing families to make the most of the handy town centre location.

The studio, located at the Science Zone inside the Royal Arcade in Boscombe town centre, will be run by Connor Skerman, an avid Astronomy student.

“My goal is to help children unlock and achieve their full potential in a coding environment – I aspire to turn them from technology users into technology creators. Through working at the Science Zone, I’ve gained years of experience leading classes and workshops – I can’t wait to welcome new students and introduce our existing visitors to the new programme,” explained Connor.

With just a few weeks until the grand opening of Code Ninjas, now is the time to beat the crowds and register your child’s place! To find out more about the Code Ninjas programme, visit:

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