Handmade with all of the care and attention you would expect from a master craftsman.

Peter Bowen Art announces new Country Kitchen Collection

Peter Bowen Art announces new Country Kitchen Collection

Bring soft earth tones and honey warmth to dining tables everywhere this Autumn with the new ceramics range from Peter Bowen Art. Inspired by nature, the beautiful Country Kitchen Collection perfectly encapsulates the feel of rural England.

This unique and unusual collection features both classic and colourfully glazed designs, perfect for embracing the luxurious feel of the country at an affordable price.

A recent Peter Bowen Art customer said: “We love this set so much! After searching the internet for ages for one I actually liked, I found this gorgeous Country Kitchen Collection with such a lovely butter dish, sugar bowl, and a milk jug too.

“Peter Bowen was wonderful to deal with. He had excellent communication and was eager to fulfil customer satisfaction. The package arrived very carefully wrapped with a beautifully crafted card for me and the person it was gifted to, with a page of detailed information about how the product was made. Overall, a really great buyer’s experience. Completely recommend Peter Bowen and his beautiful ceramic products.”

Homeowners and retailers can make a statement with stylish ceramic milk jugs, butter dishes, and sugar bowls. Each piece is unique and handmade with all of the care and attention customers expect from a master craftsman.

The Country Kitchen Collection is hand-glazed and made from earthenware clay, a strong, durable, natural material. All ceramics in the collection are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe too.

A company spokesperson for Peter Bowen Art said: “We are proud to present this Country Kitchen Collection and our customer reviews from around the world reinforce our commitment to delivering the best handmade ceramic products.”

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