Meet with the Bangladeshi Musician, Actor & Entrepreneur Jahangir Alam Swapon.

Meet with the Bangladeshi Musician, Actor & Entrepreneur Jahangir Alam Swapon.

Jahangir Alam Swapon is a Bangladeshi Musician, Actor, IT analyst & Entrepreneur who is verified on different international music platforms.

Jahangir Alam Swapon is a Bangladeshi Musician, Composer, Actor, Assistant Film Director, Entrepreneur, Social Influencer and Cybersecurity specialist.

He was born in 1997 in a village of Narsingdi, Bangladesh. At present, he is living in Dhaka city. Jahangir Alam Swapon is a graduate of Govt. Shahid Asad College, Shibpur, Narsingdi.

Jahangir Alam Swapon has started his music carrier on 2016. He used to sing a little bit from his childhood. His mother was the first music teacher of his life. A few bands later offered him. Focused on building his music career.

Now Jahangir Alam Swapon Owner Of the “Cyber RedForce Bangladesh” Jahangir Alam Swapon does his digital marketing work mainly through “Cyber RedForce Bangladesh” Jahangir Alam Swapon has already been verified as the official artist of international music platforms YouTube, and Spotify. His channel was verified as the official artist channel on YouTube in June 2021 and he has recently got a place in artist verification from Spotify. He started his music and digital marketing in 2013 through a digital marketing company ‘Jahangir Alam Swapon Digital media’. “I have worked with a lot of production houses but now it’s time to work on my own YouTube channel,” Jahangir Alam Swapon Nath said of his future plans in digital media.

Jahangir Alam Swapon has been verified on YouTube on June 2021 as a Bangladeshi Musician. He is also a verified artist on the largest music platforms like Spotify, Jiosaavn, iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer, Pandora, Tidal, Shazam, etc. He has an official Facebook Fanpage name “Jahangir Alam Swapon”

He has released a lot of music. But in 2021, he has released his first vocal music named “Dark Night” and started working in the music industry as a musical artist. He has already released a lot of music and soundtrack such as Dark Night, Emotion, Feel Nature, Party Vibe, Crazy Dance, Onuvobe, Blues, Bangla Classical, Stereo, Mone Pore, on various international music platforms. His music is available on different music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, Deezer, SoundCloud, Tidal, JioSaavn, and other international music platforms.

He is working hard in this field due to her mother’s inspiration and deep love for music. He is a real example of the life that music can be associated with. May he find all the happiness of his life in the middle of the song. He always tries to present new songs to his followers.

His advice to new content creators and composers is to work hard. “If you have the desire and the effort to achieve something, you will surely find success,” he said. Jahangir Alam Swapon was once an ordinary boy. But now he is known for his hard work and conviction.



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