Force Chief of Staff United Nations, Mali Mission.

Bangladesh Army have met our expectation-Brig Gen Pierre-Joseph GIVRE

Bangladesh Army have met our expectation-Brig Gen Pierre-Joseph GIVRE

Shahidul Alom Futon, Mali:


A Bangladeshi delegation team now visiting UN mission Mali. Bangladesh delegation team met with Mali UN mission Force Chief of Staff Brigadier General Pierre-Joseph GIVRE, yesterday. While meeting with Force Chief General loud and praise Bangladesh Army Un Mission Mali`s hard work. Team Member & London Times Special Correspondent Shahidul Alom sent this report from Mali, which is the transcript, from video footage, to our readers.

General Said, As a solution for lasting peace. So if you’d like to see more Bangladeshis coming to the purposes, yes, yes because I told you, we count on them and they are they have met our expectations for now, including the one in the production model suite was very difficult to find a contingent able to go through to launch an operation from Gao to Danza 400 kilometres on the most dangerous road in Mali, and they have been open to doing it. And they have been successful to reinforce Togolese influenza and to carry out after these long-standing operation there that’s why we won’t we go on Bangladeshi but it will be New York that will decide the local government there is discussion ongoing but what I’ve seen on the Bangladeshi armed forces are me frankly speaking I come in what they have done and that’s why we say okay, you’re free women,

and Mary, of course, the question is as you said about the possibility so do you mind to give an example about that which is soldier perspective of that. Have you learned any Bangla at absolutely not? nor even the local dialect here all English? Sorry, sorry.

In replied a question of Bangladesh delegation team, He mentioned, And French because er, it’s a French-speaking country then do you? Have you written some French word words that can be used? Okay, it’s important for the minions’ mercy. I was feeling judgment. Yeah.

What would you say? Second surreal. Hospital. And female engagement? Exactly. Okay. When it comes to hospitality, one example the first of all is the way you’re coming to me and discussing together an episode you also start focusing and one is the Deputy Chief of Staff. Support is Bangladeshi. I know him well we work together Yeah, yes. It’s very easy to work with him and with all the Bangladeshi officers that’s first of all then we can discuss there are open-minded you can listen to many topics and for the contingent, all the feedback I’ve got is very positive. Then and you know, I will just comment on your situation Bangladesh Okay, I fought to be I have seen your hospitality with odour issues you have OCD attention and the crisis in the Indian unique the neighbouring country, my mom and dad, for me it’s not political politics, of course. But I see it’s a heavy burden for your country, even if it’s a country that development and very providing development that you have also your gen edge and you have opened your boardroom to your neighbours and I think for me it’s outstanding, I would say thank you very much just to comment I can do and I have been also welcomed by the convention ego and very well well very well warmly welcomed and that’s why all the last pleased I know one of your mutual general from he was a classmate for me for the walker ageing process very regular contacts and we might have been very very being a very kind person and then what that’s all my I’ve never been to your country but this is compulsory for you to visit it’s no longer about

are going to give advancement concerning that. I would like to know from you about this translation something like that.

What was your perception about Bangladesh before meeting Bangladeshi people?

In my classmates is now the video will add it was a very kind person that’s what is the only way the older views I add on your watch. Were rather on your country because of his position right? Think of the big neighbours and that was the more political and strategic view, kind of geopolitical and after that, and now if I want to compare there’ll be no no he was like before you

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