The infection rate has gone up to 9.67% in the last 24 hours

Bangladesh reports 41 more deaths, 1,765 new cases in a day

Bangladesh reports 41 more deaths, 1,765 new cases in a day

Dhaka, Bangladesh::


Bangladesh recorded 1,765 new Covid-19 cases and 41 more deaths in the 24 hours between 8am Monday and 8am Tuesday, marking a rise in the daily numbers.

Also, 1,779 people recovered from the disease through treatment at either home or hospital during the same period, according to the latest figure released by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) on Tuesday afternoon.

The country had recorded 36 deaths and 1,710 cases between Sunday and Monday mornings.

Tuesday’s data took the total number of cases to 802,305, the death toll to 12,660 and the tally of recoveries to 742,151 around the country.

Between Monday and Tuesday mornings, as many as 18,250 samples were tested at 503 authorized labs across the country, yielding a positivity rate of 9.67%.

The overall Covid-19 infection rate stands at 13.45%, based on results of 5,965,763 tests conducted nationwide so far.

Of the fresh 41 deceased — 26 men and 15 women, 15 died in Dhaka Division, 11 in Chittagong, six in Rajshahi, four in Khulna, three in Sylhet and two in Barisal division.

Thirty-eight of them died at hospitals and three at home around the country.

So far, a total of 9,139 men and 3,521 women have died in Bangladesh from Covid-19, a severe acute respiratory illness caused by a new coronavirus strain that was later named Sars-CoV-2.

The DGHS statistics showed that of the people infected since March last year, 92.50% recovered and 1.58% died.

Crossing 800,000

The country crossed the grim milestone of 800,000 infections on Monday, nearly 15 months after the health authorities detected the first three cases on March 8 last year.

It took 47 days to cross the latest mark of 800,000. The caseload had crossed 700,000 infections on April 14 and before that 600,000 on March 29.

The country needed 103 days to reach 100,000 cases, but the 200,000 cases mark was reached just 30 days later (133 days into the pandemic). However, the country has steadily taken longer to reach each subsequent 100,000 case increment.

Bangladesh took 39 days to reach 300,000 cases from 200,000, before reaching 400,000 cases from 300,000 cases in 61 days.

The country needed a slightly quicker 55 days to reach 500,000 cases from 400,000.

Alarming surge

The country had witnessed the first death from Covid-19 on March 18 last year.

Bangladesh recorded the highest number of Covid-19 fatality on April 19 this year when 112 people died in a day.

The country also recorded 7,626 cases on April 7 this year, the highest daily spike since the pandemic started here.

According to month-wise data from 2020, 51 Covid-19 cases were detected in March; 7,616 in April; 39,486 in May; 98,330 in June; 92,178 in July; 75,335 in August; 50,483 in September; 44,205 in October; 57,248 in November; and 48,578 in December.

Meanwhile, the beginning of 2021 had witnessed a drastic fall in Covid-19 cases around the country but the trend lasted for only two months — 21,629 in January and 11,077 in February.

After that, the country witnessed a sharp increase in infection as 65,079 cases were reported in March and 147,837 in April.

On the other hand, according to month-wise data from 2020, five Covid-19 deaths were reported in March; 163 in April; 482 in May; 1,197 in June; 1,264 in July; 1,179 in August; 970 in September; 672 in October; 721 in November; and 915 in December.

And according to this year’s month-wise data, 568 Covid-19 fatalities were recorded in January; 281 in February; and 638 in March.

According to DGHS data, among the total 12,660 fatalities, 7,187 deaths occurred in Dhaka Division, 2,420 in Chittagong, 691 in Rajshahi, 792 in Khulna, 384 in Barisal, 461 in Sylhet, 467 in Rangpur, and 258 in Mymensingh Division.

Global situation

Covid-19 had broken out in China’s Wuhan city in late December of 2019 and quickly spread throughout the world, becoming a global pandemic in less than three months.

The world’s first death from the disease was recorded in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province, on January 11, 2020.

Since then, until Tuesday evening, the fast-spreading virus claimed more than 3,566,500 lives and infected over 171,527,400 people across the world, according to worldometer.

At the same time, over 153,851,200 people have also recovered so far from Covid-19.

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