Dr. Sherajul Islam Shelley is an organic species biotechnology analyst and consulting scientist.

Dr Sherajul research: The World on War Against Covid-19

Dr Sherajul research: The World on War Against Covid-19

Nadim Ahmed Anik::


The world is stunned by the coronavirus. Various researches are going on about this virus. Researchers are looking for ways. No researcher in the world has stopped.Dr Sherajul Islam Shelley has not stopped researching the virus called Covid-19. He gave various information about the virus.

He said about this virus, The potential improving economy of the people’s republic of Bangladesh to build up Golden Bengal even jor one Stotes to build Great America again and explaining for the national interest of biotechnology and Explanation that my research is in the national interest and potential for improving health care and THE WORLD ON WAR AGAINST COVID-19 BY DR. S.1.SHELLEY PhD. MRSB Selected Fellowship Royal Society of United Kingdom Purpose Alert: Messieurs, Madam C’est Les corona Virus “qi auront le dernier mot”. (Ladies and Gentlemen, it is the Corona Virus, not microbes who will have the last word Dr Sherajit The purpose of this research are to assist the people’s republic of Bangladesh to build Golden Bengal and America America again under the provision of national interest SCIENTIFIC VALUE AND RELIGIOUS PHILOSOPHY OF CORONAVIRUS puy Futuristic mycology, virology immunology and microbiology and new technology puy Environmental control. The world is going to destroy both religious leaders and scientists say the same thing that this is a direct proportion. A lot of wonderful things will be discovered. Even people can digest their disease and will take preventive action. Just when they will come by this magic mirror, they will find which body is affected like now we measure a lot of other staffs. Medical Sciences will develop but some religious leaders said Dajjal is coming, Imam Mehedi will come to save the world and  Prophet Jesus will come to save the world. Scientists said something miraculous will come from another planet and the world will get destroyed. Somebody said the war will begin for money and ethical matters. The Latest final wars will be ethical for religion. Now I want to say different things. This is very important for all people. We are living during the latest time about the corona and some religious leaders say this is the last time, people start disobeying Almighty god. Continually doing all bad things such as crimes robbery brief, rape, killing people and so on, Prostitutes increase all over the world. This is against God’s rules. As God destroyed the people of Prophet Hud, Prophet Noha, Prophet Luts time.


That’s why God sent this coronavirus as God sent mosquitoes to destroy Namrud As G Seht birds to destroy King Abraham’s kingdom and many others was by God o ama civilization. Now people understand Pompeii was destroyed by God because they the prostitutes. So now because of our crimes, God sent a non-visible coronavirus. It’s ready because there will come more dangerous things. It is beheld our knowledge so be careful dear , “Tum janat ki hur hoe yahni kur e com nohi aur huany jahan Dr If mg of P pun mad mg yee Ar mah atay F sng nas am asyn mah an oy u”(Hindi) The poor Girl calling you with dirty wood found in dirty garbage and thinking it is her cell phone and calling to wealthy persons to help poor babies and their moms like her. May Allah bless you. Humankind is the limbs of one frame. As in creating one of the limbs to sting if fate causes one of the limbs to sting, others will be restless sufferings, you who are unconcerned about other people’s suffering, are unworthy of being called a human being. Hello rich people, these corona peoples make helpless, poor. Jobless without foods goods and shelter without medical care makes peoples homeless loses loved one. Please see a lot of rich people dying leaving all comforts behind them help people it will remain for you for a better life hereafter. Remember Alexander the great, the Ramos is great. Akabar the great “Aurangajeb” (Emperor) the great Umaied “Sultanat”-the great and many other greats left behind their wealth nobody took anythings with them left his whole world and back to His almighty Allah with empty hands with their good and ugly and bad works enter the heaven and hellfire. afraid one day you will die.




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