Successful Army operation in Bandarban: Weapons, huge amount of ammunition and equipment recovered

Successful Army operation in Bandarban: Weapons, huge amount of ammunition and equipment recovered

Shahidun Alam Futon::Dhaka Correspondent::

Since long there was a news of presence of an armed miscreant of Jana Sanghati Samity (JSS) Santu Larma group, named Apu Chakma in Bandarban area. He is known to have carried out all kinds of extortion, arms exchanges and miscreant activities in Bandarban and adjoining areas. Confirming the information of Apu Chakma’s presence, the Army members of Bandarban Army Zone conducted a successful operation in the area of ​​Noapatang on 26 April 2021 at around 5 am in the hideout of armed miscreants of JSS (Santu Larma). The armed group was trying to establish a reign of terror by taking hostages at gunpoint, extorting huge sums of money from the poor and carrying out miscreant activities.

The Army team led by Bandarban Army Zone Commander reached the operation area by crossing various natural obstacles and inaccessible mountain paths. When the team reached near, the armed miscreants fled to the forest. During this time there was a brief exchange of fire with the Army members. Later, their hideout was found and searched. During the operation, one 9mm pistol loaded with magazines, AK-47 magazine, multiple ammunition bundlers, sharp domestic weapons, commando knife, large quantity of ammunition, communication device (walkie-talkie), solar charger, various types of electronics, 13 cell phones, JSS books, diaries, multiple olive-colored uniforms and shoes used by the JSS’s armed affiliates, large quantities of indigenous drugs, large sums of money collected as receipts and receipts of JSS levies, records of extortion per neighborhood, miscreants’ National identity cards and bags used in miscreant activities were recovered.

It is to be noted that for a long time this organization has been trying to establish an independent autonomous region by isolating the Chittagong Hill Tracts from the mainland of Bangladesh informing itself of its existence through various social media called Jummo Liberation Army (Independent Jummu Army).

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