Bangladesh working on bringing Covid-19 jabs from China, Russia, and USA

Vaccines from any source unlikely to enter country in next 2 weeks: FM

Vaccines from any source unlikely to enter country in next 2 weeks: FM


On Tuesday, foreign minister Dr AK Abdul Momen said that vaccines from any source are unlikely to enter the country in the next 2 weeks.

The foreign minister made the statement while addressing journalists at his residence following a virtual meeting held on Tuesday between the foreign ministers of China and 5 South Asian nations.

The meeting was at 2 pm on Tuesday and was attended by the Foreign Ministers of Bangladesh, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Dr Momen said, “We are trying to bring in coronavirus vaccines from different countries. We initially brought the vaccine from India. Due to the shortage of vaccines in India, we cannot bring in vaccines from there at this moment.”

“Attempts are now being made to bring in vaccines from Russia. It is unlikely that vaccines will enter the country in the next two weeks,” added Dr Momen.

Dr Momen also said that Bangladesh is working on bringing in vaccines from the United States as well. A letter has been sent to the US embassy in this regard.

Speaking about the virtual meeting between the foreign ministers, Dr Momen said Bangladesh is joining a platform called ‘Emergency Vaccine Storage Facility for Covid for South Asia’ formulated at the initiative of China to get coronavirus vaccines as soon as a possible case of emergency.

Dr Momen said, “During the meeting, we said we will bring vaccines from wherever we can get it. Bangladesh will be with all the multinational initiatives that will bring welfare to the people of the country.”

The foreign minister said India has also been invited to join the emergency vaccine coalition proposed by the Chinese.

Concerning vaccine imports, Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen said, “Efforts are underway to bring in vaccines from China, Russia, and the United States. However, it will take two weeks for the vaccines to arrive at the end of the process. Before that, vaccines are not coming from anywhere into the country.”

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