Syed Shah Salim Ahmed`s two new books

“Nirbachito Kolam” & “MaheRamadan” given to the Sadharon Pathagar

“Nirbachito Kolam” & “MaheRamadan” given to the Sadharon Pathagar

Afroz Khan & Syed Obaidul Haque:; Sylhet & Syed Pur::

Two new books, Nirbachito column & Mahe Ramadan, written by journalist Syed Shah Selim Ahmed, several copies of these titled were distributed to the Sadharon Pathagar  Syedpur on Thursday, 01st of April 2021. Former director of the library Syed Monowar Ali presided over the discussion held on the occasion.

Former principal of Syedpur Adarsha ​​College Syed Abul Ahmed, former director, Syed Monwar Ali, deputy director (book) Md. Nuruzzaman and organizer of the program poet Literator Syed Obaidul Haque took part in the discussion.

The meeting was conducted by Syed Obaidul Haque. At the end of the program, the author and columnist of the two books, the journalist and the editor of the London Times, Syed Shah Salim Ahmed, provided sweets and snacks in the library. London Times correspondent Afruz Khan was in charge of the event.

Meanwhile, last year the first book Amader Shesh Thikana written by Syed Shah Selim Ahmed also given 10 copies of his book to the library, which was delivered by Syed Safwan Hussain.

Earlier, three books were distributed at the Syedpur High School. Teachers including journalist Farhana Begum Hena, MA Waheed, Afroz Khan, Syed Obaidul Haque were present at that time.


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