Two pilots suffer minor injuries

Training plane crash-lands in Rajshahi

Training plane crash-lands in Rajshahi

Rajshahi::Bangladesh::A training plane of Bangladesh Flying Academy has crashed in Tanore, Rajshahi on Tuesday.

The plane crash-landed at around 2:30 pm in a potato field in Lalpur village of Taland union in Tanore.

Dilara Khatun, manager of Hazrat Shah Makhdum Airport in Rajshahi, confirmed the matter.

Although the plane crashed, pilot Mobin of  Rajshahi Flying Academy and trainee pilot Mahfuz remained unharmed. However, they suffered minor injuries.

The vehicle was a training aircraft of Bangladesh Flying Academy that had S2AGG as the model number.

According to the duo the plane had to make an emergency landing due to a mechanical fault. The plane overturned while landing in a potato field as there was no runway nearby.

Rajshahi Fire Fighting division was at the spot for the recovery mission.

Dilara Khatun said a committee would be formed to investigate the accident.

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